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Administrative License Suspension

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There is an autimatic license supsension related to a Criminal DUI charge. Under Florida Statute 316.  a person's drivers license must be suspended if the person refuses to provide a breath or urine sample or if their breath sample is greater then .08.

If a person refuses to provide a breath sample and they have previously refused their license will be suspended for a period of 18 Months. Additionally, If a person has previously refused to provide a breath sample and again refuses, that person may be charged under Florida Statute        with Refusal, a first degree misdemeanor.  A conviction for refusal to provide a breath sample  carries a maximum of one year in county jail.

If this is the first refusal then the license suspension is for one year.

Florida DUI Penalties

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DUI Penalties in Florida are provided for under Florida Statutes 316.1932. Although the Statute can be confussing to read, teh penalties are straign forward. There is a minimum penalty and a maximum penalty. For a first time DUI there is no mandatory jail but there mandatory probation and community service hours. Under certain circumstances jail is mandatory. There are also DUI Fines that must be paid. That is also set by statute as is the length of probation.


DUI Penalties

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Florida DUI Penalties depend on several factors.



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DUI charges are a common place in Florida. Although a person arrested and charged with DUI might feel embarrassed, there really is no reason to. Many innocent people are charged with DUI every year. I have seen people that blew exceptionally high on the intoxilyzer but the video of their physical abilities did not match it.


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