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Divorce Process

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The Divorce process in Florida is straight forward. A "Petition for Dissolution" is filed and served on the spouse. The Spouse has 20 days from the date of receiving it to file an answer. Our firm usually also serves the receiving spouse with certain discovery requests depending on the specific facts of the case.

Once the Petition is answered by the receiving spouce, discovery (exchange of information) begins. The discovery process  takes 3 months or more depending on the facts of the case.  During the time that discovery is progressing we usually begin informal negaotiations with the other spouse or their divorce attorney. 

During the time that the spouses are exchanging financial informtion through their lawyers, there is usually discussion between the lawyers. If the parties divorce attorneys feel they have accurate and sufficient information but are unable to come to a settlement agreement then the parties and their divorce attorneys will go to mediation. Mediation is the process where each spouse and their respective attorney are in a seperate room from the other spouse. The mediator  speaks to each side, outside the presence of the others and acts as a middleman. It is a very important role, and their objective is to help the parties resolve any conflicts in reaching a settlement.

If the parties are able to reach an agreement thorugh mediation, the case will be set for a short final hearing. This final divorce hearing lasts only about 5 minutes. At least one of the parties must be present to answer questions live under oath. If the case can not be resolved through mediation, the case will be set for a final hearing.